Jeremy can win

JConBUDGETJeremy can win a fair election.  His speech at a rally outside Parliament (on Monday) was inspiring. Besides the politics, I wholeheartedly support his way of arguing. Here’s a few sentences that supporters and opponents alike should take to heart . 

“I don’t do personal, I don’t do reaction, I don’t do abuse. Life is too short and it devalues the political process. I think we should try and enhance the democratic life of this country, not reduce it to that level”

To date, 252,000 have signed this petition to support Jeremy remaining leader of the Labour Party – and snap polls from several newspapers confirm him to be the peoples’ overwhelming choice.

So why the challenge? and why now? Craig Murray has written this convincing explanation for the timing and motivation. He argues that the impending publication of the Chilcot Report has panicked supporters of the Iraq invasion into trying to remove Jeremy before he can, on behalf of the Labour Party, apologise to Parliament on this matter.

But many other MPs who are currently supporting the coup have a genuine belief that Jeremy is an electoral liability. Each will need to be persuaded by their local party of their mistake – with the same courtesy that Jeremy advocates in his speeches.


One thought on “Jeremy can win

  1. Terry Adkins says:

    Sorry John I hit the wrong button ..

    From: Terry Adkins [] Sent: 28 June 2016 14:57 To: ‘’ Subject: RE: [New post] Jeremy can win

    Hi John,

    The big fear is Labour splitting in two parts. If a snap election is called soon, I think the electorate will turn their anger at Labour, i.e. Jeremy and say “ You and your Party has not been listening, even after Gordon Brown’s incident !Many Labour M.P’s can see their future being thrown in the bin and being replaced in Parliament, just like the SNP in Scotland. So the Welsh Labour M.P’s think they are becoming Unelectable, an Irrelevance !

    ATB – Terry Adkins .


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