They can’t be serious !

Over a quarter of a million people have signed the leading petition in support of Jeremy – that’s over half the membership of the Labour Party and so there can be no doubt that he will win a fair election.

That is why his opponents want his name off the ballot paper. Never mind the legalities or the excuse –  if the Labour’s most popular leader ever is prevented from taking part in a re-run of the leadership election, the Labour Party that we have known will not and cannot survive.

What will be left will be a party without enough activists to campaign door-to-door – the writing is on the wall. The Leave vote was high in former Labour strongholds (such as the Welsh valleys) because, for years, there has been little or no political campaigning against Tory policies on the ground by Labour.  

The Remain vote was highest wherever Labour has been visibly active in defence of the poorest in our society. In contrast, interventions in the Westminster bubble – however brilliant from a debating standpoint – do nothing to counter the widespread disillusionment with parliament that has fed the support for UKIP and Brexit.

In sharp contrast, the Remain vote was 75% in Jeremy’s own constituency. If Jeremy is able to continue as party leader, Labour could become a campaigning force again – including in its formerly ‘safe constituencies’. This is a turning point for the Labour Party – and for politics in Britain. 

If you haven’t done so already, please sign this petition to allow Jeremy to continue to lead Labour to victory in 2020.


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