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John at RGH 24 Jan 2015This blog began life as JOHNCOXFORTORFAEN – a campaigning blog for the General Election on 7th. May 2015 – and has become a commentary on political issues from then until 2016. This was its first paragraph:

“Dr JOHN COX is a long-time campaigner for peace, green and democratic issues. He has lived in Abersychan for 36 years and served as a Councillor for Abersychan and Garndiffaith. He is a consultant engineer and has worked in over 20 countries advising governments, UN agencies and industry on green-related projects.

The blog contains thoughts on issues during 2015-16 but lapsed after I became embroiled in Facebook – a somewhat dispiriting experience as the premium is on pithy assertions  whereas I try to argue a considered case.  I’ve now (2019) decided to revive this blog for longer postings but, to fill in a few gaps in my thinking. I have added a few of my Facebook posts from the 2016-19 period.

How to read this blog

To read every post, click on the months (top right) and scroll down (posts appear in reverse date order). But it’s better to select a topic, by clicking on a “Tag” (such as “Austerity” or “Trident” – right) or to use “Recent Posts” or “Top Posts”.

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5 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Jeff m says:

    Hello john. Glad to see your still holding the torch high for what you believe in. I’ll be watching for sure. Hope your keeling well..


  2. Tony Kinsella. Garndiffaith resident. says:

    Tony Kinsella, resident of Garndiffaith. It,s nice to see that not everyone wants to devistate our community with the polution of opencast, I hope you do well at the election John.


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