Ray Davies

John at RGH 24 Jan 2015 I’ve just heard that Ray Davies (to my left in this photograph of our demo. outside the Royal Gwent in January) is terminally ill. I have known and admired Ray for decades and begun to think him indestructable. This is a huge shock.

Ray has been a Labour Councillor in Caerphilly for decades and a leading activist in the peace and labour movement. He  is a Vice Chair of CND Cymru (as I am) but I have to admit that his energy puts me to shame – as he seems to get to every demonstration in South Wales against the bedroom tax, fracking and every one of the anti-nuclear and left-wing causes that also motivate me.

Ray is an authentic voice of the stalwarts and socialists who created and sustained the Labour Party during its progressive years (until captured by Tony Blair and the careerists of “New” Labour – “Old Tories” more like). Unlike the current leaders of the Labour Party he remains true to the ideals of its founders.

Hang on in there Ray – we cannot afford to lose you.