What next for Labour?

Jeremy_CorbynSo the pundits got it wrong. 

Jeremy won an overall majority of first-preference votes – an outcome I have predicted since July.

How did I know and why didn’t the media pundits?

My experience of the May general election was voters did not see any real difference between Labour and Tories. Voters wanted to vote for something positive.

People are fed up with all conventional politics and welcomed Jeremy for his honesty and commitment. His first act, on becoming Leader, has been to join the “Refugees Welcome” demonstration in London. This is a good augury for the next few years.

Could Labour win the next General Election (in 2020)?  Most certainly!

But, to do so, the hundreds of thousands of new members must feel welcome and Labour must work with the Green Party and Plaid Cymru and the SNP – rather than dilute its anti-Tory message by tribal warfare against potential allies.

All four parties should cooperate in a campaign to persuade the 3-4 million eligible but unregistered voters to register for all future elections. This is essential if the Tories are to be defeated.

Labour could stand aside in a dozen or so constituencies where these parties have a better prospect of defeating the Tories – and the Green Party (in particular) need not contest (literally) hundreds of unwinnable seats but, instead, give its backing to the best anti-Tory candidate in each constituency.

We are living in interesting times and must seize this opportunity.


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