All the way with Jeremy

Jeremy_Corbyn I’ve just returned from an inspiring 1000+ meeting in Cardiff addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and leading supporters in South Wales. It was the most inspiring political meeting I have attended since 1945.

Jeremy said everything far more eloquently than I have in my blogs and, were he to become Labour Leader, I will not be able to justify not becoming a member.

Indeed, had he led the Labour Party in May, I would have not needed to contest (q.v. my blog of 6 May).

Unlike the pundits who predicted he would come last (some still do!), I said from the outset that “he could win” (June 15). This was because my experience in the General Election made it clear that acceptance of austerity was the overwhelming reason for Labour’s loss of electoral popularity.

The high-profile pundits encased within the Westminster bubble have no idea what real people think. If Jeremy becomes Leader, Labour could win the next General Election with anti-austerity and anti-Trident policies.

The enthusiasm for such policies was evident at the public meeting tonight and gives me hope that the labour movement will recapture the post-war spirit.



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