Octogenarian !!

Birthday cakeIt’s taken many years (80 to be exact) but I’ve become an octogenarian. Hopefully this will mean that my words of wisdom will receive greater attention – although I fear not.

Judy and I first met in 1956 and, during our 57 years together, we marched together against UK/US government aggression in Suez, Vietnam and Iraq, against nuclear weapons and cruise missiles, the poll tax, the bedroom tax, apartheid and austerity and for a Parliament for Wales and numerous green, countryside, democratic causes for which history has (or will soon) judge us on the right side of history.

I have a clear conscience on all these issues but sadness that evil people still hold the reins of power. Also, during our lifetime, several former comrades and friends became apologists for the rich and powerful in our most unjust society. The richest 1% in Britain now own over 50% of our wealth while still, through their control of the mass media, pitting working people against each other rather than against the exploiters.

I intend to use my remaining years to campaign, as before, for peace, justice and the environment and hope that future generations may take heed of my lifetime experience to succeed where my generation has failed.

I believe this blog (created as a short-term election blog) is as good a way as any to comment on political issues (though less often than during the election period). When I master the software, I will give it a less cumbersome name (soon I hope).

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5 thoughts on “Octogenarian !!

  1. ian says:

    many happy returns. In my humble opinion your definitely on the right side of history. Time will tell the evil has to stop and Humanity prevail..


  2. Happy Birthday John, I hope you had a lovely day. I read your posts, sorry you didn’t get in at the elections, but keep posting. take care of youself, love to all, moxxxx

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