About the Green Party and Plaid Cymru in Wales

Leanne and Caroline in 2007, during a blockade of Faslane.

Leanne and Caroline 2007

Today (7th May) is a good day for nostalgia – tomorrow is for reflection.

I have campaigned alongside Greens and Plaid against nuclear weapons and for green aspirations for decades – but saddened by the hostility of some Green Party members to Plaid Cymru during this most divisive election campaign.

Both parties (and socialists both within and near to other parties) share hopes for a better greener world and a more community-friendly society. Personally I can see no justification for the hostility I have witnessed in recent weeks.

Looking to the National Assembly elections in 2016, I hope for a more obvious green presence in the Senedd. This can be achieved if the Wales Green Party and Plaid Cymru agree a joint list of candidates for the regional elections.

I fear that, if recent Green/Plaid hostility (in Wales) continues for the National Assembly elections, it will be detrimental to the causes espoused by both the Wales Green Party and Plaid Cymru .


2 thoughts on “About the Green Party and Plaid Cymru in Wales

  1. Tony Kinsella. Garndiffaith resident. says:

    The tablet is playing up, I will try again to say all the best for today.
    If the people of wales vote for the people who will do the most for wales we wont go far wrong.
    With John Kerry (American) working hard to make the world a safer place why do we need trident at great cost the the uk residents when the monies could well be spent on something that makes our lives better. I look forward to the days events and tomorrow perhaps a better world.
    Tony K. Gardiffaith resident.


  2. I wholly agree. In England greens work well with others, English Greens love Plaid Cymru… English Greens have even expressed excitement over a Green-Pirate Candidate (Pirate Party UK)


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