Wylfa Newydd

UntitledToday is full of news that an Abergavenny-based “independent” think tank says that a new nuclear power station on Anglesey will be great for Wales.

I doubt it.

I have commented about nuclear issues several times already but it’s opportune to do so again. One very relevant post is Hinkley Point and Fukushima (21March) in which I note that the company planning to build the new station was slated by a Japanese parliamentary investigation for having cut corners on safety.

The reason Hitachi is so desperate to build here because, following the Fukushima disaster, it can no longer do so in Japan.

A second relevant post is Radioactive Waste (posted on 24 March). In it I drew attention to the fact that the UK government has changed the regulations for dumping radioactive waste. Having failed to persuade experts and the Cumbrian County Council that dumping radioactive waste is safe – anywhere – the government (without debate) has changed the rules to avoid public scrutiny.

Jill Gough’s comment on this post is worth reading.

All the instant experts have been at it today, declaiming that Wylfa Newydd will bring jobs and prosperity. But none that I have heard have compared this with generating electricity from renewables – such as the free-standing tidal turbines I advocated on 18 March in Barrage or Lagoon?

A similar level investment in renewable energy would generate at least as many jobs without the risk of a Fukushima, Chernobyl or Three Mile Island hanging over future generations. This is a deplorable venture into the unknown and future generations will curse us if allowed to proceed. fukushimachildbigger


4 thoughts on “Wylfa Newydd

  1. Satish says:

    It’s incredible that this should even be considered. In view of the whole Pacific Ocean either dying or more or less dead in view of fukishima catastrophe that is never even mentioned in the regular media


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