The Whitehall conspiracy to save Trident renewal

Whitehall is really worried at the possibility of the Green/SNP/Plaid Cymru alliance influencing the next government and halting the renewal of Trident.

Moreover, with over 70% of Labour’s candidates already pledged to oppose Trident renewal, they realise this is their weakest link in maintaining status quo. Sturgeon

Following the 7-way leaders’ debate and the success of the SNP, it was to be expected that Nicola Sturgeon would be a target.

The ‘leaked memo of a conversation, denied both by the French Ambassador and Scotland’s first Minister, has all the hallmarks of a 21st Century Zinoviev letter.

This is lucidly outlined in Craig Murray’s blog today. He points out that the Civil Service has dispension to treat Scotland’s government as an enemy of the British state – and therefore fair game for dirty tricks (my words, not his).

It’s a comprehensive warning of what to expect in the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “The Whitehall conspiracy to save Trident renewal

  1. Tony Kinsella. Garndiffaith resident. says:

    Why are they targeting Nicloa Sturgeon who is not standing for a Westminster Seat?
    The minority parties Greens/SNP/Plaid Cymru have them worried always a good sign the they have to put the establishments missinformation machine into acction(good Russian system), which is all they are good for.
    Tony K.


    • Ray Dauncey says:

      Tony, I totally agree with your point on the establishment’s media attacking the minority political parties, however regarding ‘misinformation’ and Russia, I see this tool is used far more widely by the US led countries rather than Russia (or China for that matter) one only has to watch the BBC world news for a specific news item then switch to Russia Today and get their take on the same news item, it will soon be apparent which broadcaster alters or leaves out facts.


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