Radioactive waste

nuclearwastea The government has been trying for years to bury radioactive waste. In January 2013 this was vetoed by Cumbria County Council.  To overcome this opposition, on the very last day of the 2010-2015 Parliament, the government changed the regulations about the geological disposal of radioactive wastes so that a County Council may not object in future. Previously eminent geologists and the Inspector of the 1995-6 Nirex Planning Inquiry looked at the disposal of intermediate nuclear wastes in Cumbria and concluded that the geology is too complex. The only reason for changing the planning regulations is to allow the government to do so even though the geology is known to be unsound.

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Today Her Majesty’s government quietly removed the power of local and county councils to say no to burial of existing and future nuclear wastes beneath their homes. The predetermined decision to “Implement Geological Disposal” now lies with the Secretary of State under Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects. This vicious NSIP ruling overrides any considerations on the land such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, heritage or conservation areas. Using the most undemocratic tool of “delegated legislation” this decision has been forced through, not by open debate but by Committee Room decisions.

Radiation Free Lakeland 25th March 2015


2 thoughts on “Radioactive waste

  1. Jill Gough says:

    Yes. The other truth here John is that the radioactive waste we have will not go away (in some cases for hundreds of thousands of years) so a serious solution must be found. The first thing to do is to stop producing more (although obviously thought needs to be put into medical uses of radiological materials). Resources (money) need to be ring-fenced and safeguarded to be available to deal with this as an ongoing project.
    What was that old slogan? “If the Romans had nuclear power we’d still be guarding their nuclear waste now.”

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