Wales needs parity with Scotland

Following the referendum in 2014, Scotland is getting more powers and funding. Currently, Wales is underfunded by more than £1 billion/year. Whatever your view on devolution, Wales must not fall further behind.

I agree with Plaid Cymru’s demand that Wales should have equivalent powers to Scotland and receive the same financial settlement. The way things are going, Scotland, Northern Ireland, London and even Manchester are going to receive more powers and funding than Wales.

Plaid Cymru symbolSadly, the Labour Party in Wales sees Plaid Cymru as an enemy – I  don’t. see Plaid as an ally to win concessions for Wales. It is scandalous that Westminster parties seem happy to underfund Wales.

Many people don’t appreciate that Torfaen Council’s recent increase in rates and their cuts in services all result because Westminster has cut the grants to Wales – and, in turn, this  has cut Torfaen’s income. This is no longer a side issue for us in Torfaen – we have to be as strident on this issue as Plaid Cymru.


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